I’ve been super busy; summer vacation 2014! But I finished and sent out my Artist Trading Cards. 

Wow, These were very fun to do. Can’t wait to see whose cards I get in return.

Have some more fanart! Kill la Kill is great.

Sorry for all my crappy pictures

Wow, wow, wow. I finished watching Madoka Magica and it was great! I loved it.

Here have some fanart!




wanna trade ATCs? I KNOW I DO

I’m hosting a big trade with the art guild on Habit RPG dot com! You don’t have to be on Habit to participate! All you need is at least one or two Artist Trading Cards, two stamps and an envelope!

#But Snager #what’s an #ArtistTradingCard #?

It’s any non-flimsy piece of paper that measures 2.5 by 3.5 American Inches *eagle noise*
or 6.35 by 8.89 cm *house sparrow sound* . It dons’t have to be perfectly exact! It’s just nicer if your collection of cards from other artists is nice and even on at least two sides, you know what I mean? They can also be put into those card sheets for binders that nerds use.

Bristol or card stock are your best bets. Water color paper is also usually fine! Anything you cannoy make origami with is probably fine.

Just take some of the ATCs you made or MAKE SOME NEW ONES and pop them in an envelope. Do your best and have fun. How ever many you send, I will send you the same amount back. Don’t send more cards than one stamp’s worth of postage will cover (i’m guessing 7) (unless you send extra return stamps)! Speaking of stamps, please include a stamp for return shipping, if it behoves you. Foreigners are allowed! I have like, 5 forever-everywhere-stamps left from a trade I did six months ago (sticky swap, hosted on twitter), but dang, shipping is expensive! So if you want to donate a supplement to the cause, paypal gift me at Snagerdra@gmail.com


-there is no theme (but I personally am feelin a fan-art vibe happenin)

-by participating, you ask me to assume you are 18 and/or have your parent’s permission and I will assume as much

-If you use a media that sheds, please seal your card somehow, preferably with a fixative. A slip sleeve can also be used.

-cards should be 2.5 by 3.5 inches or equivalent

-Don’t use corrugated cardboard for your cards or anything else that weighs slightly more than card stock or maybe illustration board

-Send in only your own, original art work. It’s preferable that it be traditional media and even more preferable it be illustration or painting, but collage, photomanip, print making and maybe a little bit of crafty stuff or digital media or photography may be applicable. :o Use your best judgment.

-you will get how ever many cards you sent in sent back to you, but they will not be the ones you sent in, as is the definition of exchange

-I give myself till early august to have the card trades all back to you

-Don’t write ‘do not bend’ on the envelope. Mail carriers think that shit is just super cute

-if you are unfamiliar with your selected media, please message me and I will be glad to help you! I know tons about art¿ like? Why? SOMUCHskfngdkgn

-ALSO put your name on the back of your cards D:

-tag #HRPGATC on tumblr to stay in touch

-email Snagerdra@gmail.com for questions if i don’t respond on tumblr D:

send to:

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